Varanus griseus griseus.

Common name: Desert monitor/Grey monitor

Scientific name: Varanus griseus griseus

Subgenus: Psammosaurus

First described: Daudin, 1803

This is all about my experience with the keeping and breeding of these amazing desert monitors. I currently keep 2.2 in a cage that measures roughly 5500 X 120/150 X 80/90cm.

They are all 4 housed together as there is no problem keeping more males together outside breeding season. The cage is made up by 2 large cages that are connected by a short tunnel, that can be closed in case its needed. this means that they basiclly have 2 individual cages.


As of the light, i have now upgraded both cages. The basking areas are made up by halogen flood bulbs, and both basking areas have a tunnel going under it, so that they can choose a rather warm hide if they want. There is also uv light at both basking areas. What im using are Reptile Systems ferguson zone 3 ( might upgrade them to a zone 4).

As of the main light, they have leds with 6400k as main lights, and then full specktrum hydroponics leds. The first cage has a set of 5x40cm and the other cage have a set of 4x40cm.

Frigg eating after being moved into the big cage.

As food i feed them mice, chicks, chicken heart, grasshoppers, pantanal roaches and dubia roaches.

The last two food items they have first really shown an interest in after they got the light upgrade in their cages.