Varanus gilleni

Common name: Pygmy mulga monitor
Scientific name: Varanus gilleni
Sub genus         : Odatria
Described          : Lucas & C. Frost, 1895

The following description of the keeping of pygmy mulga monitors are my own experience,  and what works for me.

Cage. I use different sizes cages depending on if it’s single pairs or small groups. These cages are made from osb boards, as it gives a nice rough surface that the animals can use for climbing. 
The decorations in the cages are mainly made up by cork tubes of different lengths and diameter.  Also stacks of cork tube pieces are happily used by the monitors. A few old branches from the forest and old pieces of roots care added as decoration as well.

Lights and heat. For main light I use LED projectors, these projectors gives a good amount of light. As for heat I use halogen bulbs and in some cages I use HID uv bulbs, it all depends on the sizes of the cages.
In the cages that dont have a HID bulb, a uv tubes is used, and I have not seen any difference in behavior from the animals.

Food. Pygmy mulga monitors are not picky eaters and will happily eat crickets, grasshoppers, different species of roaches, wax worms, super worms.
If you don’t breed the insects yourself, then gutloading is a good idea as it will make sure the insects have a good amount of nutrition inside thier bodies.
If you breed your insects yourself you can use a high nutrition diet,  as thier standard food, and as long as you make sure the feeder insects constantly have access to thier food, no gutloading is needed.