V. primordius

Common name   : Northern Blunt- spined Monitor
Scientific name   : Varanus primordius
Subgenus             : Odatria
Size                       :  around 25cm

I keep my group ( 1.2 ) in a cage with the following measures: 60x120x60cm. The walls are covered with stone look tiles, it gives a nice look and gives the feeder insects a lot of cracks to hide in, but the monitors are able to get to them.
As for substrate they have a yellowish sandy soil. One area in the cage has a deeper substrate so that the females have a nice area to lay eggs.
As for decor, I mainly use cork tubes as it provides good climbing areas for the monitors, and at the same time provides alot of hides.

As main light I use a 10w led projector with about 4200k. A smaller arcadia t5 uv tube provides an area in the top of the cage where they can reach good amounts of uv, and the lower parts of the cage there are no uv, this gives the animals options on the amount of uv they want to be exposed to.
As basking, they have a halogen spot, that creates a basking area at about 50-55c.

Feeding. These are small monitors, so I provide food for them about every 2-3 days. They are not picky when it comes to feeding and will happily each different species of roaches,  crickets, grasshoppers, Vax worms.

Baby hatching