V. gouldii flavirufus

Common name: Sand monitor
Scientific name: Varanus gouldii flavirufus
Subgenus          : Varanus
Size                    : up to around 100-105cm

Cage: For my flavirufus I have some different setups, but I will focus on my female cages. They measure roughly 260x90x105cm. The walls are covered with a vinyl floor with stone look. As substrate they have sand mixed with leaves. The nest area is made like a dirt mound, and holds about 140kg of slightly moist sandy soil.
As for the light and heat I use some flat led lights, there are 2 in each cage and they are around 4000k and produce 3240lm. Uv is provided by a arcadia uv tube, it’s a 10% desert.
Heating is done with a normal halogen flood bulb.
As for food, flavirufus is not a picky eater. I feed they a variety of chicken hearts, day old chicks, mice, roaches and grasshoppers.  They do get a treat of infertile lizard eggs if some of my other species lay a couple of infertile eggs. Same goes for lizard babies,  if one hatch with a severe defect.


Activities for flavirufus, “stumpy ” had dubia roaches as a snack. Good enrichment as she spend 4 hours hunting them.

“More info will be added later”