V. gilleni.

Common name   : Pygmy mulga monitor
Scientific name   : Varanus gilleni
Subgenus             : Odatria

Size : about 35cm

Below i have described how I personally keep my V. gilleni.

Almost finished cage

Cage: The cage measures 80x150x80cm, and I have a trio living in it. Walls are made out of tiles with stone look, that are glued onto the sides of the cage.
As for substrate they have a yellowish sandy soil. One area in the cage has a deeper substrate so that the females have a nice area to lay eggs.
As for decor, I mainly use cork tubes as it provides good climbing areas for the monitors, and at the same time provides alot of hides.

Tech: main light is made by a 20w LED projector at about 4200k.
As UV they are provided with a arcadia 10% desert tube placed at the top of the cage.
Heat is provided with a halogen spot, that produces a basking area at around 50-55c, and about 40c inside the tube.

Feeding: They are offered a 100% insect diet. Main food are different species of roaches, such as red runners, dubia ….. they are also offered superworms, sunbeetle larvae and grasshoppers.
All food is dusted with either a vitamin/calcium or mineral/calcium mix.