Terms & agreement

All available animals require a minimum of 50euro deposit to secure the animal.  Deposits are NON refundable, unless we are not able to sell the animal that has been agreed on( very unlikely). In case we are not able to provide you with the animal we have agreed on you will get you full deposit back.

After a paid deposit animals are secured up to 2 month unless other is agreed( if the animal is not picked up after the maximum of 2 month, the deposit is lost and the animal will back up for sale)

We provide a live arrival guarantee, unless you choose to use a courier service. In case of courier service, we will hand over the animal and all documents, and our responsibility for the further transport will end.

Paynemt plans can be made, and a document will be sent  to you(buyer) with our agreement. In case of payment plans we will not hand over the animal/animals before the full amount has been paid.

Payment plans can be up to 4 month depending on the amount that needs to be paid.

All deposits can be made as bank transfer or paypal payments. Same goes for payment plans.

In case of bank transfer please contact us for our bank info.

Paypal payments can be paied by using the following link: