Brachylophus sp

Brachylophus fasciatus

Welcome to the section of the website that contains information on fijian iguanas ( Brachylophus sp).
Fiji iguanas are some of the only iguanas found in the old world and their relatives are found mainly in south America.
All the fiji iguana species are protected under CITES. They are on the CITES 1 Appendix A, so what that means for us as keepers/breeders ( at least in Europe and UK ), is that we need a yellow cites paper on each iguana we own. These papers are made by a cites office in the keepers/breeders home country.
Fiji iguanas has always been highly sought by reptile keepers, and luckily they are becoming more and more common in the private reptile hobby.
Unlike green iguanas, fiji iguanas makes great captives, mainly due to their smaller size and calm temper.

Take a look at the pages regarding fiji iguanas and you should be able to find all the information you need to successfully keep and breed your fiji iguanas.
If you are missing information or you run into a problem with your fiji iguana, you are more then welcome to contact us, and we will do our best to help you out.
If you are already a keeper and for some personal or other reason can no longer keep your fiji iguana, you are also welcome to contact us.
We will also give a home to fiji iguanas that for whatever reason cant stay with their keeper and can not be sold, it can be because of handicap, old age or something completely different.
So dont hesitate to write if you need help. All information shared with us is private and will not be shared with a 3rd party.

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