Equipment and care products

On this page you can see what equipment I use for the cages and the things used to maintain the keeping standard of the fiji iguanas.

First we will look at the mist system used to maintain the humidity inside the cages.

The pump is the heart of the system, and it’s where quality matters. Favorite pump is a power pump from E.N.T Terrarientechnik. This pump has no problems providing enough pressure so it can water all the cages.

It can also handle to run dry, which can sometimes happen if you forget to check the water level in the water container.

To be able to create a mist/rain inside the cage, we need to install a spray head. The amount of spray heads depends on your cage size and ventilation. I personally prefer 1 spray head for each cage as I can have them run for a little longer time with just using one.

As for light, LED lights are a good option, as they provide a good amount of light without producing a lot of heat. The type used in my cages provides 160lm/w, so they create a good amount of visual light for the cages.

As for UV light, a t5 desert tube works nicely. The UV % depends on the distance from the tube to the animals. As my animals can choose to get pretty close to the cages, a 6% t5 ho( high output) tubes is used together with a reflector. Arcadia also provides a jungle tube, that is not a bright as the desert type, which to use is a personal preference.

As for the basking bulbs, I use standard halogen spot/flood bulbs at a lower Watt, since the iguanas don’t bask much if the cages are properly heated.

Moving on from the tech that makes it possible to create the correct environment, we will now look at the items used to maintain the iguanas health. Again it’s all about personal preference.

As for vitamins, I use the Nekton iguana. It’s made for herbivore lizards, and looking at the general health of my iguanas it works well.

The minerals used are Nekton MSA, its a product i have used since i started keeping reptiles, many years ago.

Pollen is also somthing the iguanas get in their food. When using pollen, the only other product used is calcium powder.

Over the years i have tried diffrent products, and these products listed above is what has worked best for me.