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On this website you will find information on keeping and breeding Fijian iguanas ( Brachylophus sp), and the keeping and breeding of monitor lizards, mainly monitors from the Odatria genus.


The Brachylophus genus has always fasinated me and i had a dream for many years to be able to keep them. Over the years of keeping fiji banded iguanas i learned alot and gathered alot of info. All that info went into creating one of the biggest websites about fiji banded iguanas. The page about fiji iguanas keeps expanding as i learn new stuff, of as science learn more about these old world iguanas.

 It is possible to follow the daily life of the iguanas in my personal collection on facebook, just click on the box below and you will be directed to the facebook page.

Besides the fiji iguanas i also have a passion for monitor lizards, and keep a few diffrent species, mainly from the Odatria genus.

 I got my first monitor lizard back in the mid 1990s, and the passion grew from there. 

 So instead of creating 2 seperate websites, i added a part about monitor lizards to my excisting website. As you can see in the menu above, it is divided into 2 sections, 1 for fiji banded iguanas and 1 for the monitor lizards. Both sections we have more information added as time goes.

 Below you can click on the box and you will be able to follow the monitor lizards on a day to day basis.

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